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How to clear the Sonosite hard drive

29 Dec

hard drive full

See the below tutorial on how to clear the hard drive of the Sonosite machines found in our hospital.  A full hard drive can get in the way of your archiving and even slow down machine function.  It is easy to do, just watch!

SonoSite EDGE Use

30 Jun

See the below tutorial on use on the Sonosite EDGE and how to integrate its use with the UWO point of care ultrasound program.

Esaote MyLab Use

17 Feb

Review the video below on how to use the Esaote MyLab machines that are found at LHSC/UWO.  These machines are less commonly used and are older so reviewing this may only be necessary in select circumstances.

SonoSite M-Turbo Use

16 Feb

See the below screencast for an overview of how to use the M-Turbo to acquire and store point of care ultrasound images at LHSC/UWO’s affiliate hospitals.