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The 2014 Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium: A Repeat Success!

6 Sep

It is hard to believe that only one year ago we celebrated the success of the first ever Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium. This year’s symposium took place the weekend of August 23rd & 24th and was bigger and better than ever. Continue reading

Registration open for 2nd Annual Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium!

1 May

Following its inaugural success, the Point of Care Ultrasound Interest Group is pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium will be held August 23-24th, 2014 at the state of the art Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics facility in London, Ontario.

Continue reading

Point of Care Ultrasound – An Overview for Medical Students

3 Sep

On August 24, Dr. Rob Arntfield kicked-off the inaugural Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium with this thought-provoking keynote address introducing participants to point of care ultrasound.  The talk begins with a compelling case presentation and ultimately delivers an interesting and slightly iconoclastic overview of the current state of affairs with point of care ultrasound, its relevance to medical training and how on earth we got here.

Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium: A Memorable Weekend!

26 Aug

Twelve months ago, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) was an ill-defined concept for the majority of medical students at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.  It was a chance exposure to bedside ultrasound that inspired a group of students to team up with local champions to formally launch a POCUS interest group in September 2012.  The success of the interest group, which recruited 109 medical students to its ranks in its inaugural year, spawned the idea of a national medical student conference on POCUS.  Flash forward to the present, and the first Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium is now in the books.  Continue reading

Just Around the Corner: Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium

11 Aug

Excitement surrounding the Western Medical Student Ultrasound Symposium is growing, with less than two weeks before the scanning begins.  Below are some quick facts on the national event, which is the first of its kind accessible to Canadian medical students across the country:

To Canadian medical students:  We do hope to make this an annual event. Consider following Western Sono on Twitter to ensure you’re one of the first to hear about next year’s symposium!

The medical student organizers of this year’s event have put together a comprehensive workbook that they hope serves as a valuable resource both during the symposium and beyond.  Anyone can access this workbook by clicking on the image below.  Be sure to return to Western Sono in early September for photos and a recap of the event.