Emergency Medicine Courses : ‘Introduction to POCUS’ & ‘Introduction to Extended Applications’ Ring in the 2017 Academic Year

12 Jul

The Division of Emergency Medicine 2017-2018 academic year has kicked off with our annual educational showcase in POCUS. With 32 participants from across Canada, including undergraduates from several institutions, resident trainees in EM, Peds EM and Vascular Surgery, as well as local community physicians, the day was bound to be great. Concentrating on the fundamental applications, and this year’s addition of thoracic POCUS, attendees experienced a flipped classroom and a 2:1 participant:instructor ratio allowing maximal probe time for all.

This year also marked our inaugural ‘Introduction to Extended Applications in POCUS’ for local Faculty and incoming resident trainees. Featuring bedside scanning and image interpretation sessions, participants stepped into the realm of POCUS applications for DVT, gallbladder, renal, extended cardiac and thoracic assessments. All will follow up this educational day with a one-month rotation in the ED honing their skills with clinically based scans in these applications.

A huge thank you to our dedicated @emergencylondon instructors, our amazing POCUS Faculty for all of their content development and delivery, the organizing and leadership prowess of Dr. Heather Hames, the support staff at CSTAR, vendor support from Sonosite and Phillips, and of course all of our volunteer models. The team effort made this an awesome educational event for all.

We are already looking forward to next year!


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